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Friday, September 21, 2012


On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 10:07 AM, Paul <> wrote:

Hello Sadie! 

Took a look at your blog, very impressive. Well laid out and a pretty good following.
I would be honored if you reviewed one of our items.
Pick anything out of our $9.95 and under section, which is totally re-vamped and loaded
with over 300 really cool items. Send me your shipping info and I'll get it right out to you.
We can do the giveaway for anything out of the same section. What do you think?
I can post the review/giveaway as soon as its up, on our Facebook page.
We have almost 10,000 followers there and Im sure a few of them would love to
visit your blog and play along.


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Fax: 413-798-1408 and are owned and operated by Divisions of Visions
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review: iHerb

Hi Sadie. Thanks for getting in contact with me and I'd love to partner with you.  If you didn't know already, iHerb is an online vitamins and natural products retailer. Currently, we carry over 1,000 different brands and over 25,000 products.  We are also the sole distributor for Madre Labs and we're looking to promote Coco Cardio

Madre Labs Website:

Madre Labs on iHerb:

Info about Madre Labs Cocoa Cardio can be found below:

When it comes to your review, you can talk about how CocoCardio™ is a premium, 100% natural (non-alkalized) dark cocoa beverage enriched with freeze-dried beet juice powder. Its main purpose is to support cardiovascular health and free radical scavenging, but please note that I'm not asking you to make any health claims.  You can also get more talking points at the link above.  In general, it's just a healthy drink option that can be drunk on its own or can even be added to a smoothie or shake recipe. In fact, if you can even come up with a shake recipe to use this product with, that would be awesome, although strictly optional. 

Also, iHerb is the sole distributor of this product and if any of your readers wish to purchase this item, you can let them know that they can go to the Madre Labs Cocoa Cardio product page on (see link above) and use coupon code WOW123 to get $5 off that item.

I'm offering a $25 Shopping Spree along with a Free CocoaCardio both for you and as giveaway for your blog. If interested, please visit and send me a list of products that total up to $25 and please include the product name and product number.  I also need your full name, mailing address and phone number (for UPS) so that I can ship everything to you.  Don't include the Madre Labs Cocoa Cardio in that $25 because that will automatically be added to your order.


Review: Costume Super Center

Sounds great, please send your full shipping address and I’ll have my guys ship it out for you!  If you do not get it in the next 10 business days or so please let me know, likewise if there are any problems or major delays I’ll let you know.  When you write the review please include links to the pages below using the following anchor text within the content of your review (please only use the following links):

   – Halloween costumes

   – Toy Story costumes

When you post the review please email me the URL and I’ll have a link posted on both our FaceBook page and Twitter account to help drive some extra traffic to your blog.

P.S. - Please check the links before emailing me the post.

Thank you and I look forward to reading the review!


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Kim Grustas