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Monday, July 30, 2012

July Blog Earnings

Since I started blogging about how to make money with your blog, I've received dozens of emails asking exactly how much I make by blogging. I know this is a sensitive topic and some bloggers refuse to answer, but if my readers are asking, I feel like I need to give an answer. If others don't, that is their choice, but I'm really just an open book so I figure I might as well.

I'm signed up with several affiliate networks but very few do I devote a lot of time to. My favorite at the moment is Escalate, with Blogsvertise and Logical coming in close seconds.

Your earnings will obviously vary, based on your stats, readers, and the time you put into each, but if you sign up with these networks and actually work, you will make some money. If you are not making money after a month, just email me and I will try to help you figure out what is going on. 




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Disclaimer: I am not an expert on blogging, or even on monetizing your blog. I just love to talk to everyone out there in Blog Land and I happened to stumble upon ways to make money by doing so. Even if I didn't get paid, I would continue to blog. But having somewhat of an income definitely helps justify my blogging addiction, no?



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