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Monday, March 1, 2010

Gym, Day 1.

Well, as some of you know, I'm starting the gym again today. Am I happy about it? Heck no. I hate the gym. I hate working out. Not only do I hate it, I hate getting out of bed.. getting dressed and getting the kids dressed.. driving to the gym.. checking the kids into child care.. and worrying about them behaving while I'm working out. I hate watching the size 2s running their little butts off, too.

I loathe the gym.

But, that's not the point, because I'm going back today. BLECK. We had a gym membership last year, but "froze" it because it got to expensive. Since we got our taxes back, we decided to start again. I mean, we didn't have a choice seeing as we were locked into a 12 month contract. So, since we are paying for it, I have to go.


Does anyone else hate the gym as much as I do? I have about 60lbs to lose, so it's not that I don't need it. I just .. I guess I'm lazy? I don't know if it's lazy, really. I like the working out part after I actually GET there and DO IT. It's just everything else involved. And no, I can't work out at home - willpower does not exist in me (for this).

On a happier note, the weight loss bloggers were chosen this morning and they will be announced this afternoon or evening. I will be losing weight right along with them. Three lucky bloggers will receive a prize package for reaching their weight loss milestone (usually the halfway point of their total goal).

Hmm. They get a prize for losing weight. Anyone wanna send me a prize when I lose weight? lol.

I will be sharing their stories later, and we will watch them shed the pounds. Everyone loses weight differently, one special way that someone loses weight might not work for you. So, by sharing 3 real stories, I'm hoping they can help you lose weight as well.

I will post my starting weight later, because I'm not sure what it is. My guess is 260. I'll also post the dreaded "before" picture, which I'm really not happy about.

... I'd rather be crafting...



At March 1, 2010 at 9:50 AM , Blogger Tree Huggin Momma said...

I don't care for the gym, but mostly because I am too cheap. Why should I pay $30 a month to run in place (I can run up and down the street just the same), or to walk up imaginary stairs (I can take 8 flight 2x a day or more), and bike in place, when I could ride my bike to work. Of course I would actually have to do all those things on my own.
I didn't mind the gym when I was younger and fit, but now its just to expensive and intimidating.
Good Luck! Keep it up! You can do it! 60 lbs is not that much, I have about 80 to lose, so we are in the same boat. :)

At March 1, 2010 at 11:43 AM , Blogger said...

Good luck on your weight loss, TreeHuggin Momma! :) We each pay $15 each which isn't too bad considering they have free child care! We have an 800 sq ft apartment, no stairs, no real yard, and the weather stinks... on top of me having zero willpower, the gym is a must for me to lose weight haha.

At March 1, 2010 at 12:49 PM , Blogger Xanna's Jewelry Box said...

I used to be a Jazzercise instructor (drama and gossip among grown women caused me to stop) Now I teach dance to lil'ones (much more rewarding however the lbs. have crept back...40 of those nasty buggers)! I also have 0 will power to work out at home, I enjoy food, I enjoy sleep, and I like my workout to be fun! Hence the gym holds no excitement for me other than to remind me I'm overweight and heading over the hill! Maybe one day I'll start excercising again....maybe my daughter will go with me....that might be fun....then I have somebody to diss all the skinny minies to!

At March 1, 2010 at 2:44 PM , Blogger Fi said...

I can totally understand your aversion for going to the gym but dont you have fun group classes? I rent a room in a gym to teach dance but they have some fun classes and even yoga. (but how great that they have free child care I dont think that even excists in Belgium)

At March 1, 2010 at 4:19 PM , Blogger Meg said...

I hate the gym too.

I thankfully have the willpower to work out at home or I probably would be in the same boat as you. I put on weight way too easily.

I love that you'll be sharing your story and 3 others.

$15 each a month? With free childcare? That's an awesome deal. Contract part sucks of course.

At March 1, 2010 at 8:52 PM , Blogger Cass said...

Good luck with your weight loss journey.

At March 2, 2010 at 1:34 AM , Blogger Erika said...

I also hate gyms, with a passion. While not a size 2 I am fairly small and I still feel overwhelmed and insecure there and generally I hate things with contracts when there is the potential that you just won't use it.

A couple years ago my husband and I got a membership to the local YMCA and that was awesome.....we paid month to month and it wasn't intimidating cause 3/4 of the people there were not super athletic or they were over they age of 55. And even then we couldn't get into the habit of going. *Sigh* That is why I am trying to dedicate to's free.

At March 2, 2010 at 8:40 AM , Blogger Jingle said...

I hate the gym, too. That's why I found something else that I don't hate. I'm currently doing the 30 Day Shred (Jillian Michael's) and while I pretty much hate her because she tries to kill me, I also LOVE her because she is TOTALLY making me look fantastic! Seriously. You do have to be disciplined, but it's only 20 minutes a day and FAR less hassle. The kids may even want to join in and do their own 'kid version' of the exercises as you do it! I never stick to a gym routine because I just hate it, but I am sticking to this - almost two weeks now, which is awesome for me. works!

At March 2, 2010 at 3:46 PM , Blogger Emma! said...

I'm not a fan of the gym either, but finding a class that you enjoy makes a huge difference. My gym has Zumba classes (latin dance/hip hop combo) that is a lot of fun, and I like cardio kickboxing too. Check out the schedule - they are a lot more exciting that staring at a wall on the eliptical or bike for an hour.


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