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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Randomness. :)

The girls got their school pictures back this week. Jenelle's are super cute. She's getting so big. Turning into quite the young lady. Gracelynn's (kindergarten) are awful LOL. Her cute little bows (that I made special for her the night before to match her outfit EXACTLY) were lopsided and her ponytails were falling down!!! I wanted to cry. :( lol

We visited the library this morning. Ran into an old friend (we used to live in a homeless shelter together about 4 years ago). We live in the same town now, it's really weird how things work out. She is supposed to call me tonight so we can set up a play date for the kids. They used to be the best of friends. :) She seems to be accepting of Rachel and the fact that I have a girlfriend. We might get together and make Halloween costumes together. :)

(begin rant)

I have 25 tutus to make and the supplies came in today. I want to pretend they didn't. I'm not in the mood to make tutus. :/ I hate when a fun project turns into work. Now my entire business is work. Work. Work.

*sigh* (end rant)


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