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Friday, July 8, 2011

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Company -- Shout Out

Last year, we had some mold problems in our apartment. We thought it was black mold, so a specialist came out to test the air inside to see if we were correct. Come to find out, it was just damage from moisture. Signs of water damage can sometimes be hard to see, because it usually starts out small.

Luckily, we have a great landlord and he had someone come out to fix everything right away. But if you own your home, it can be costly to get this taken care of. My friend that lives in Austin recently had some water damage, and she told me about this company called The Steam Team of Texas. These guys are the number one carpet cleaners in the area, but they also specialize in water extraction if you have experienced water damage.

These folks have great customer service, and they care about the environment. They're among one of the first companies of their kind in Austin that provides an environmentally friendly "green" cleaning service. So if you live near Austin, please check them out! They're a great company.

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