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Saturday, February 20, 2010


I just realized it's 10:52 and I have not blogged today. I have, however, made 4 tutus.. some soaps.. helped Jenelle with her Rosa Parks project.. and enjoyed a shopping trip to Hancock Fabrics with my mom.

I also blogged here, and took some pictures of my new patchwork scarves.

I contacted a mom about a review/giveaway that is coming up soon (I will keep you posted).

Rachel and I discussed my hair today. I have been "no poo" for about a month now. I love it, she loves it. I've received more compliments on my hair sans poo than I have ever received in my life! It is softer, shinier, and easier to manage. What we also discussed is dreads. She has wanted them for a while, and is actually growing her hair out so she can have them. I haven't really considered them in the past, but I've been thinking about them a lot lately. She wants them because they look cool. I want them because they're more natural. :) I'm a total hippy at heart -- I'd love to be living my dream out, traveling in an RV across the country.. home schooling the girls (unschooling, even!).. just living my life. I would love it! But, $$$$$$$$$ makes the world go 'round and when you don't have much of it, you're pretty much stuck.

Rach doesn't think living in an RV would be the best idea. We already live in an 800 square foot apartment (5 of us), and the girls aren't going to stop growing any time soon. However, I hate the public school system (hate it).. and I want the girls to see the world (or at least the states). I never got that chance when I was little.

Anyone know a way one could afford to travel across the US in an RV? I'd love some ideas. :)

The other day, I discovered this blog. I won't say much about it right now, but I did get an idea from her. She has a "Touring Tuesday" where she shows a room of her apartment (I believe it's 450 sq ft). For the most part, it seems people are just griping at her about how she has things set up, but it seems like they are logical complaints. I'm kind of afraid to open myself up that much already, but I figure if I'm going to make this a personal blog.. why not dive in head first?? I don't have anything to hide. My house isn't spotless all of the time, but it's not gross either. Plus, Rachel is a TOTAL neat freak so it would never be messy for more than a few hours (she does work, ya know).

So, I leave you with this. What do you think? Should I start a "Touring Day"? Or should I just do a tour in one post? Or should I not do it at all? Let me know what you think!

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At February 21, 2010 at 5:29 AM , Blogger Batmamma said...

I love getting peaks into other peoples homes, especially when the people are creative. Beige showroom-type homes does nothing for me, so yes, touring tuesday sounds intresting :)

I´ve been lucky enough to been able to put my boys in a (free of charge!!)private school and we all love it.

At February 21, 2010 at 8:00 AM , Blogger Tree Huggin Momma said...

Sadie - love your blog! I am now a follower.
As for touring in an RV afforadably - I have a couple of suggestions. RVs are extremely expensive these days (especially on gas) although you can rent one. I would suggest instead driving trips. If you take a good cooler you can keep breakfast and lunch in the vehicle with you and you can get dinners for a reasonable price (if you know where to look). The cost of a cheap hotel (or one that includes breakfast - stock the cooler with some fruit and I always bag extra dry cereal for the kids to snack on durring the day) is the same as the lot fee for an RV.
The advantage of an RV (if you own it) is that you are always sleeping on your bed.
Do some online research, there are lots of places that are free or low cost to get into and you could spend a whole day in them exploring (just take lunch with you and lots of water). Refillable water bottles are awesome.
Instead of an RV consider a van (not a mini van, but a real van). The one we use (my MILs) has a bench seat that becomes a bed - comfortable for childrne, not adults. And then two captains chairs that recline. Its a bit of a gas hog, but it would give us the option in temperate climates to sleep in the van, instead of getting a hotel/motel room. I like to stop at motels/hotels with pools and breakfast. That way the kids can swim, and we can get breakfast and some snacks. Depending on how long we are going would depend on how often we would stop at a store for food.
You can also through a pop up tent in your vehicle and camp it out in nicer weather, nicer areas. Just keep in mind in any area with wildlife, food should be kept in a cooler in your vehicle and all trash should be removed from your site before bedtime (car or dumpster).

Good Luck..

At February 21, 2010 at 9:35 AM , Blogger Redbonegirl97 said...

My nephews girlfriend does the touring RV during the summertime. She, her sister and her parents travel cross country camping and seeing the sites along the way. They plan a different route every year. I guess it's fun for her parents, but the sisters hate it. They's rather be home with their friends. Just think you are 15 and 16 years old and your parents are taking you from home for 6 weeks during the summer. That kinda sucks, but they realize who great it was when they get older.


At February 21, 2010 at 11:58 AM , Blogger Dana said...

I know what your house looks like already but I stole a few ideas from her blog as well (minus shoving Riley underneath the crib to sleep). But I think it'd be cool!

At February 21, 2010 at 6:14 PM , Blogger Grace said...

You should read The Organic Sister blog - she and her hubbie and son are taking off in a RV from Nevada. Unschooling and looking for work and adventure. Her husband is blogging about it too.

At February 22, 2010 at 6:56 AM , Blogger Robin said...

That kind of life is a favorite fantasy of mine - better yet on a BOAT! It won't ever happen, my husband doesn't have a portable job, but it's sure fun to dream...

At February 22, 2010 at 1:21 PM , Blogger Erika said...

Renting an RV is really affordable (especially in the off season). My husband and I were toying with the idea with renting and living in one for like 3 months (long story) until I realized we would have to deal with a septic system (scary for me) and there wasn't likely to be places like KOA to house it in the area we needed to be.

As for traveling, if you are trying to make good time you can make it from one coast to another in roughly 5 days. I have made that move twice. So you could probably rock yourself one helluva vacation over like 2 weeks at the beginning or end of your daughters summer vacation.


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