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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Public Service Announcement

*EDIT* This was supposed to post tomorrow but it didn't, so it's actually the day AFTER tomorrow that this will take place.

I usually don't talk about politics, religion, or sexual orientation on my blog.. I don't want controversy here.. however, it is in my heart to share this with my readers. I'm warning you right now, if you are easily offended or homophobic you can skip today's post and just check out my Etsy Shop to kill some time. :) We will return to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow.

Tomorrow is April 16th. What are you going to do to end the silence? That is the question being asked of all students across our country. Visit for more information on tomorrow's Day of Silence. This is a day of silence for EVERYONE to stand up against BULLYING.

This video is heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time. It's titled "Dear Parents"...

Check out Tips For the Last Minute Organizer -- word travels fast. Start texting your friends NOW so they can be prepared for tomorrow. Stand up against these bullies! This is for all the students that are too afraid to stand up on their own. You will NOT be alone! Stand UP for yourself and for those that can't and have been scared into silence. Stand up!!

4 Things You Should Know About DOS

This is a great video as well.

Please keep in mind this is NOT just about LGBT rights. This isn't just about the gays, it's about EVERYONE who has EVER been bullied! It's for black kids that get called the "N" word, it's for the Muslim girls that are afraid to wear their Hijab because of the relentless bullies in school. It's for the "skinny" girl, for the "tall" girl, it's for ANYONE and EVERYONE who has EVER BEEN BULLIED.

This is a cause near and dear to my heart. Please encourage your teens to participate and spread the word! At least let them know about it so they can make their own decision. They can remain silent just in between classes.. there is no need for it to disrupt their instruction time.

Day of Silence Facebook Fan Page


Please take the time to spread the word, this is so important! Bullying needs to stop. Kids are killing themselves left and right because if it, they're shooting up schools because of it, it's a vicious cycle and WE have the power to end it.

Great Resource - Poster Download

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