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randomosity: Wee! Or should I say Wii?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wee! Or should I say Wii?

Played the wii for a while today. Jenelle and I beat the "Dancing With The Stars" game. That was fun. I love the game. Not sure if I love it enough to buy it, seeing as we beat the amateur level in two days and were probably a third of the way through the professional already. But it got me off my butt.

I'm working on Xanna's tutus. She got her first one in the mail today and loved it! What a relief. It's always a nailbiter when I have a new customer, especially one that has ordered from such awesome tutu makers before!

Tomorrow, we will be going to the Science Center. I'll post lots of pics! :) Hope everyone has a great day.


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