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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thumbs up from Grace!

**EDIT: Will do Touring Tuesdays tomorrow.. totally forgot, sorry!!**

The weather has been wonderful, luckily. We've been able to keep the windows open and our symptoms from the mold exposure have been a lot less than they were. The mold inspector came out today and said we would have the results in a week. She taped off a few areas in our apartment, which was kind of scary.. but it was just on the wall in the bathroom and in the utility closet. Anyway, as appetizing as mold sounds.. our dinner tonight was even better. ;)

If you know Grace, you know she is possibly the pickiest eater in the entire world. I mean, it's horrible. She won't eat hamburger.. or chicken.. or corn.. or really anything that normal kids eat. She likes macaroni and cheese, and she likes McChickens from McDonald's. I finally got her to eat home made macaroni, rather than the cheap boxed stuff that she was eating. I fix it with wheat noodles and 2% milk Velveeta. So, needless to say, it makes me pretty darn happy when she approves of something we cook.

Tonight, we had twice baked potatoes. We were going to have them on Thursday, I believe, but it just fit tonight instead. :) Served it with cream cheese corn. I bought the new cheap brand of corn at Wal-Mart, and it was HORRIBLE. The brand is Stone Mountain. GROSS. (It looked great.. tasted nasty!)

Okay, so anyway, I didn't think Grace would even want to try the twice baked potatoes. Not only did she try it, she asked for seconds and told me I was "the bestest cooker in the whole wide world"! Mwahahahahahaha!

Jenelle will be posting more pictures on her blog after Wheel of Fortune is over! She cooked most of it, we just supervised! She's becoming quite the little chef. And if you are really observant, you'll notice that we baked instead of microwaved liked the recipe said to. ;)

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