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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Teach It - Lapbooking

Our absolute favorite thing to do when it comes to homeschooling (besides field trips) is lapbooking! Some of the best lapbooking sites are listed below so be sure to check them out. In the past, we did a post on a Chinese Lapbook, and we have done lots of videos on lapbooking.

Today, we worked on a basic lapbook for each girl.

Jenelle is 9 years old, and in 3rd grade. Her lapbook covers the 50 states (and their capitals), single digit multiplication, a page of cursive copywork, an empty page so she can write in the titles of books she reads, simple fractions, and a gallon man. They all decorated the front and back of their lapbooks/mini offices. Hers says "I got an A+ in School".. get it? haha

Gallon man - Print one here.

Gracelynn is 6 years old, and in kindergarten. Her lapbook covers money, fire/tornado/earthquakes, address & phone number, time, seasons, and simple addition. Her cover is a drawing of our family. :)

Sapphire is 4. Her lapbook covers shapes, numbers, letters, left/right/up/down, money, days of the week, and colors. Her cover is a picture of her standing with the homeless guy that always stands outside of the restaurant her and her Mammie go to. Aww.

If you don't have a printer, or don't want to use all of your ink, you can surf websites and then just write everything on the lapbooks. That is usually what we do. Making 3 lapbooks at a time while printing would use lots of ink. Sometimes you need to print things, but for the most part writing is fine. Especially for the younger kids. :) I write everything and they trace it, and then we cover it with tape so it lasts longer.

This is a great website for printables. Word endings, a money chart, and more.

Spring themed pages can be found here, and tons of mini office/lapbooking resources can be found here and here.

My favorite website for homeschooling resources is Enchanted Learning. They don't really cover lapbooks specifically, but if you are doing a lapbook on an animal or a certain concept (K-3), chances are they have it.

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