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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Craft Shows 101

It's about that time again! Time to start preparing for craft shows! If this is your first year doing shows, the best advice I can give you is RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH! It's so important to know what you are doing, so your first show isn't a total bust. We all make mistakes (even seasoned crafters do), but you can prevent most mishaps by reading up on how to prepare for a craft show, how to set up, etc.

What's that? You don't have all day to find craft show tips? Look no further... I have compiled a list of great links that helped me when I was starting out! I'm sure there are LOTS more, so if you find any feel free to add them to the comments. Or add your own tips!

I don't recommend following ALL of the tips you read (some will contradict others), but grab a notebook and start jotting down things you find helpful.

30 Things to Bring
How to Set Up/Checklist
LOTS of Tips!
GREAT Checklist! (PDF)

Display/Set Up
Set Up
How to Set Up
More Set Up Tips
Pictures of Set Ups
How to Set Up @ a Farmer's Market
Display Tips
Outdoor Set Up
How to Set Up
Set Up to Sell More
GREAT link - Set Up Pictures
Booth Layout
Creative Display Ideas
Booth Set Up

Lessons Learned
How to Market & Sell Art
So You Want to do Craft Shows?
Maximize Sales
Seller How-To @ Etsy
Info @
Locating, Pricing, Displays & More

If you are doing this as a hobby, then only taking cash is fine. However, if you want to make some serious dough, you need to invest in paypal pro, or a credit card machine. I would steer clear of Merchant Express... email me if you would like details on that mess. :)

I hope these links help you prepare for your first craft show, or give you ideas even if you've been doing them for a while! Please click the little button below to submit this to Stumble Upon so others can find it as well!

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