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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Menu Plan for the Week 4/17

I have added about $100 worth of coupons to the giveaway that is happening next Monday. So be sure to comment on that post to be entered. :)

B: cereal & yogurt
L: mac & cheese with soy sauce
D: meatless spaghetti

B: bananas on toast
L: cheese quesadillas & fruit
D: pancakes and turkey bacon

B: cereal & yogurt
L: egg "cupcakes"
D: stir-fry

B: eggs and toast
L: grilled cheese with tomatoes, fruit on the side
D: chicken pot pie (home-made)

B: cereal & yogurt
L: rice with veggies
D: chili with turkey instead of beef

B: waffles, egg cupcakes, and turkey bacon
L: grilled sandwiches
D: broccoli & rice casserole

You might notice we don't have a lot of variety, especially for breakfast. The girls eat breakfast at school so we usually just eat whatever, but our back-up is cereal and yogurt. :) We eat a lot of eggs because they're cheap, and lately we have been eating a lot of waffles/pancakes because I got a great deal on some boxed mix last week.

Snacks are always fresh fruit (pineapples, bananas, apples, and strawberries this week), and each meal usually has fruit or veggies too. I just don't outline which ones on the menu.

Don't remember to grab your Sunday paper and clip coupons today. Our grocery bill used to be $100 a week, for our family of 5, but we started eating a little healthier and the bill went up to $125-$150. :( Now that I've started price matching and using coupons, we have saved a lot. Last week our groceries were $80. This week... EVEN LESS! It's not SUPER healthy by any means but we have lots of fresh fruits for snacks. I will post more about it on Friday. :)

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