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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The new schedule

Just wanted to give everyone a little run-down of the weeks to come! I have designated each day as a special one! Mostly so I can make myself blog daily, but also to hopefully have something for everyone that stops by!

Sunday -- FUNNIES -- Jokes, mostly cheesy ones... and hopefully a funny picture or video, courtesy of my kids.

Monday -- RESOLUTIONS -- How is everyone doing with their resolutions? I will ask, you will tell! I will also post my resolutions and how I am doing with them!

Tuesday -- RECIPES -- I will post at least one recipe, hopefully along with pictures!! I love to cook, and I love helping others with easy recipes. Pictures always help me, hopefully they will help you too!

Wednesday -- CRAFTS -- My favorite subject!! I will post a new craft, pattern, picture, whatever... something that has to do with crafting!

Thursday -- ODDBALL -- This will just be a random blog.. probably me griping.. I was thinking about "bitchin Thursday" but I just might not have anything to bitch about that day. We will see!!

Friday -- GIVEAWAYS -- I will do a giveaway every Friday. Eventually, I may do a review/giveaway because I'd love to review other hand made products... but it's a work in progress! Until then, I will give something away every Friday. Hair bows, knitted hats, maybe even a tutu. You must be following my blog to win. :)

Saturday -- SWAPS -- I will post my swaps for the week. What's going out, what's been sent, what's been received... and what I think of it all!!

I hope you will join me on my daily adventures!!

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