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Saturday, January 16, 2010


So, there were only 4 people who participated in the giveaway yesterday. So, I decided that they are ALL winning a set of Allie Clips! I was kind of thinking that anyway when I started the contest, that whoever entered would win, but of course you can't SAY that type of thing up front hehe. So, I will be emailing the winners for their email addresses this weekend -- or you can email me at Let me know what your top 3 color choices would be, and I'll try my hardest to get them.

Today is Swapping Saturday. Honestly, not much has gone on swap-wise this week. I'm signed up for quite a few swaps, and I even started my own Journal swap. Next week will be a BIG swap week! This is a really cool swap that I'm doing Journal w/ a twist -- we have to make a journal, it's a theme-a-day journal, and then we have to include a CD or memory card with pictures and music of our life. It's really exciting, but it is going to be VERY hard to part with my FIRST journal like this. :( I hope whoever gets it appreciates it, or is nice enough to send it back lol.

**I did send my "Christian Bible Verse Swap" off, to all 3 partners, and also sent the coupons to the mom who replied to one of my blogs.. I didn't realize there were SO many coupons! Awesome!**

So, congrats to everyone that won the Allie Clips! And thanks for all the comments on Gracelynn's video -- we hit 1,500 views yesterday!!! And the neighbors found out she wanted to be on TV so they took her down to their apartment and let her watch herself on the PS3, so she was on TV! She was SOOOOOO excited! It was awesome. :)

Don't forget -- FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS through midnight tonight (central time). MY WEBSITE

Tonight, my mom is watching all three girls (that NEVER happens!) and Rach and I are going to celebrate our anniversary. I'm so excited!! Hope everyone has a great Saturday!

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