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Thursday, May 20, 2010

My first 5K

My first 5K was supposed to be June 12th for the Komen (Breast Cancer) race. However, I'm really getting nervous about it so I decided to do another 5K first! There is a 5K at the St. Louis Zoo this Sunday that I'm going to do! I have been having a LOT of soreness in my knees lately but I'm hoping I can do a walk/jog mix. If not, it'll have to be a walk/crawl mix... lol.

Wish me luck, pray for good weather, and remember to check back for pictures!! :) I'm also doing another 5K (Sweat for the Vets) on June 5th. My mom is a veteran so I asked her if she wanted to do it with me (even though we aren't really speaking to each other) and she said yes. So, maybe this will be a good thing. I'm so excited.

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At May 21, 2010 at 11:55 AM , Blogger Arya said...

How awesome! I think it's great that you are going to be doing 3 5k's so close together and one with your mom!

I'm over here in Idaho cheering you on - I know you'll do great!!


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