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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Slight Disappointment

I didn't get to do the 5K today. I'm not TOO terribly upset about it because I know it would've been hard, but I still wish I could've done it. :/ A friend asked me to babysit at the last minute so I watched her little one last night until.. I don't even know what time in the morning. He was a good kid.. just laid around the whole time really. Was very relaxing. :)

I bought some jeans at Fashion Bug yesterday for $5. They were the "right fit" jeans that were originally over $30! I bought the "short" style and cut them into capris. Then I used the bottoms of the jeans to make an outfit for Grace. I'll be posting pictures and a mini-tutorial (it's pretty self explanatory) some time this week.

We have a photo shoot on Wednesday, so I'm preparing for that... I'm adding the "Pinkalicious" and "Purplicious" tutus to my tutu line. Pretty exciting stuff going on lately, been doing well on my website and etsy. I've been networking with a lot of other boutiques which has been nice, because sometimes I want cute things for my girls that I don't have to make! :) I've also found some FAKE boutiques.. ones that import things from China and say they made the stuff themselves. I called them ALL out on Facebook (not by name of course) and the guilty parties, sure enough, showed their faces! They came out right away and started saying I was "lazy and jealous" of their "success". The one boutique had BOTH owners on my page calling me all kinds of names. It made them look very guilty.. especially since it said "EVERYTHING 100% HAND MADE" and you could TELL the wings were ordered wholesale (as well as MANY other items). Now they have changed their website to say "MOST" of their items are hand made. That makes me pretty happy! Well, I'd be happier if they didn't have 76% feedback on their first etsy page.. they deleted it and made a new one.. so now nobody even KNOWS how shady they are. :/ But, baby steps!


At May 24, 2010 at 11:19 AM , Blogger Tree Huggin Momma said...

Wait I thought it was an Etsy requirement that the items be vintage or handmade?

At May 24, 2010 at 2:46 PM , Blogger said...

It is. But there are LOTS of women on there that sell things that are not handmade. Just check out boutiques that sell items similar to mine. You'll see LOTS of reselling. It's a big problem, the forums are LOADED with people that despise resellers.


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