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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Droid. Part I

I finally broke down and got a new phone. I was really happy with my old one, but AT&T offered me a free Motorola Flip Out for FREE so I couldn't really say no, could I? The Flip Out is a square phone that, as the name suggests, has a screen that flips out. It kind of swivels out instead of sliding up. It's got the full keyboard, and it's also 100% touch screen.

Motorola MB511 Flipout Unlocked GSM Quad-Band Android, Motoblur, Camera, QWERTY Keyboard, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - International Version with No Warranty (Silver)

Along with the phone comes the option of downloading apps. Lots of them are free, so of course I've been looking through them alllll day long. I have so many favorites already! One of the apps reminds me to drink water -- it makes a water noise when it's time to drink another glass. You tell it how many glasses you want to drink, and based on how many you have left it makes the noise periodically throughout the day. Super creative if you ask me! has a Droid app, where you can track your calories and exercise every day. I love MFP so the app is even better.

You don't have to have unlimited data usage, or even a large data package, if you plan on using your phone at wi-fi spots a lot. I work at home, so most of my phone usage is here. I just plug into our wi-fi and it's not charging me for any data use.

There are several cooking and recipe apps. There's a Betty Crocker Cook Book app, lots of Chinese cooking recipe apps, and even apps that give you Indian recipes! Yum! I'm so excited to share some new recipes with ya'll, you have no idea. :)

What are your favorite apps? I will probably make this post a two-parter because I know I will find new apps I love! Oh, and if you have a sense of humor be sure to check out Fat Booth!



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