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Friday, May 27, 2011

Revisiting Goals

Some of you might remember the 100 Goals for 2010 list I made (and did not complete). I just wanted to revisit it and add some new goals to it. Some I will take off because they either no longer interest me or I know it's not realistic to get them done this year. If my color coding shows up right, the red are my CURRENT comments. The blue are ones I really want/need to get done.

1. organize all 3 craft totes (3/3) -- Completed June 2010. Got rid of one tote, downsized to two organized totes. -- I have way more than 3 totes now! hahaha. But they are all organized!
2. make Gracelynn's birthday scrapbook (by March 7th) -- Failed. Hopefully by the end of the year I will get this done. Yeah, this didn't happen. :/
3. domino alterations of some sort -- earrings? necklace? -- Haven't had time, not really interested in doing these anymore.... 
4. complete 100 swaps (104/100) -- Completed 100 swaps and then quit swap-bot to focus on other things
5. eye spy bags for the girls (3/3) -- I made Eye Spy Bottles - they LOVE them
6. collect 50 cancelled stamps -- Actually have about 100! Pics will be posted eventually. If anyone likes cancelled stamps let me know and I'll mail some to you! I still have the stamps somewhere. If I ever find them, I will post pictures. :)
7. knit a bag or purse -- A friend knitted one for me, so I got out of this one LOL
8. chalkboard globe -- Made chalkboard table instead, 2-22
9. work with clay -- polymer beads, maybe? -- Still very interested in doing this, just haven't had the time.. focusing on craft shows and the website This still interests me but I don't have the time or space.
10. make my own rubber stamp -- Can't wait to do this! Just trying to figure out what supplies I will need. Might do this with the girls over the summer. Got all the supplies.
11. finish our (mine and Rach's) scrapbook -- Eh, eventually I will do this!
12. frame some artwork - Rachel's paintings are hanging all over our house! :) 
13. make Sapphire's scrapbook (by August 30th) -- Didn't happen!
14. knit a pair of socks for Rach -- Not interesting in knitting anymore!
15. make spreadsheet for tutus - Completed 2-8-2010
16. add 20 items to etsy shop (Completed -- 30 as of 3-27-2010)
17. make a clock -- Would love to do this still.
18. add 10 tutu designs to website (6/10 as of 3-27-2010) - sold the business
19. organize computer table (Completed 1/24/10)
20. bleach art shirt -- Hmm. Not sure if this interests me anymore or not. Maybe Rach will try it.
21. turn a scrapbook into a journal (Completed 2-4-2010)
22. add more pictures of bows to website (Completed 2-10-2010)
23. make mohawk hats -- without the ear flaps, ick! (1.5/4 as of 2-10-2010) - Done!
24. frame some inchies - No longer doing inchies.
25. make a family recipe book, out of a scrapbook maybe? -- Need more time to do this. Would be awesome!
26. knit a lap blanket for my mom - see above
27. knit myself a headband - see above re: knitting
28. make mail bags and letters for the younger girls (Completed 2/3/10)
29. knit something for charity -- any ideas?? -- see above: knitting
30. curtains for bedroom -- make or buy -- buying some THIS week!
31. make skirt or dress for one of the girls - Got a sewing machine finally.
32. visit the zoo at least 5 times (0/5) - Ended up sinking into sewage last time LOL long story!
33. visit the science center at least 3 times (0/3) - Definitely did this, but it's boring now.
34. visit the arch at least once (0/1) - Done!
35. knit stockings for the girls for Christmas (0/3) - no knitting!
36. make a doll or bear for one of the girls - No time!
37. knit a ball - no knitting
38. make heating pad for me and Rach (0/2) - Mom made us each one. :)
39. make a book safe -- Rach cut herself with an exacto knife not too long ago so they have been banned from our house.
40. 52 reasons I love you decks, one for each (0/4) I need to do this.
41. drink at least 3 bottles of water each day (Working on that..) - I fail.
44. lose 40lbs (Down 5 lbs as of 3-29) -- Down 25! I have 55 more to go. Made a bigger goal.
46. make reusable grocery bag -- knit? out of a t-shirt? not sure yet - Just bought some instead.
47. library tote bag - Bought one
48. diaper cake - Have made a few for friends.
49. go back to college - Eventually...
50. make chalkboards -Made a chalkboard table instead, pics to follow
51. set up at flea market - Maybe in the future, if I find something new to make/sell.
52. make pop-up card Completed 2-3-2010
53. remote control holder - Lost interest... I guess I do that a lot!
54. write 25 articles for eHow -- Please check out my current articles!! (4/25 as of 2-27-2010) -- Ehow no longer accepts articles. :( But I still get a paycheck from them once a month.
55. clean hall closet - LOL This one is still not done.
56. weigh in weekly (3/49) - Epic fail! - Still fail.
57. make laundry soap - Made it!! Finally!
58. post ad to craigslist for tutus at least once a month (2/12) -- sold business
59. turn Christmas cards into Christmas tags for next year - Great idea, still have some cards. Might try.
60. teach Grace sign language ABCs (in progress..) - Still working on this. Jenelle has learned to sign a few songs so far.
61. trick or treat bags (0/3) - Didn't do these. Might this year.
62. teach Grace to read 25 sight words (0/25) - She can read a lot more than 25!
63. take more cemetery photos, possibly host cemetery swap?? - Took the pictures, didn't do any more swaps.
64. teach Sapphire to write her ABCs (2/26) - She can do all of these now.
65. make rapunzel scarf -- Lost interest.
66. teach Nell to use a dictionary - Completed!
67. teach Nell to use a thesaurus - Not yet.
68. make cassette tape wallet -- Anyone want to send me a cassette to use?! -- Lost interest.
69. make something religious/spiritual - maybe artwork? - Lost interest.
70. make ribbon organizer (or buy one?) - Made a few different types. Settled on gutters. Will post pics some time.
71. make wire ring - Still would love to do this.
72. make something with my button stash - Still want to do this!!
73. share reflexology info via a swap (Completed 1/24/10)
74. make a journal and swap it
75. host at least 5 swaps (2/5) - No more swaps.
76. complete an art project with Rachel - She taught me spray paint art.
77. paint an abstract.. something or other - Haven't had time.
78. make something "zombie"/dark/goth for Rach as a surprise - This would still be fun.
79. make 10 YouTube videos -- Please check out our videos!! (2/10) - Haven't had much time but my daughter has made some videos. Here and here.
80. paint my fingernails (yes this has to be a goal.. lol) - I've done this a few times now. :)
81. make a zentangle - Lost interest.
82. design a new business card (completed 1/20/10)
83. design new address labels - Completed 2-22-2010
84. scan old pictures and post to facebook (completed 1/19/10)
85. make yoga pants from an old t-shirt - Lost interest!
86. Read at least 12 books and post a review of each(3/12) - Haven't had time to read but now I have a Kobo so I will try to squeeze them in. :)
87. Make baby doll blankets for the younger two (completed 1/21/10)
88. make a pillow - Working on a monster pillow idea.
89. attempt to make soaps (Completed 1/23/10)
90. attempt to make a candle - These are fun. Made one just the other day. I should blog about it, huh? :)
91. make MIL's pup a dog toy -- Dog bit Sapphire, and is finding a new home. No toy made! - MIL did not find a new home for the dog and he STILL bites. Don't get me started.
92. make a no-sew fleece blanket - My mom made the girls some for Christmas. I watched. :)
93. learn how to knit an i-cord? I think that's what it's called? - See note about knitting.
94. make Rach a dishcloth (completed 1/21/10)
95. make Rach a piece of jewelry - Will do this when I find one she will wear.
96. Save $200 by using coupons ($54.62/$200) - I save at least $50 a week using coupons now!!
97. try to stop using shampoo -- Haven't used shampoo in 2 months! -- Did the no poo thing for a few months, and went back to shampoo. Wouldn't be against trying it again, just didn't want to for the time being.
98. Make a treasure map with the kids - This will be fun!
99. Pay ALL bills ON TIME -- Awesome so far! - Still doing well!
100. make paint chip books for the girls (Completed 1/24/10) - Made some more.

Now I really need to make a few goals for 2011. My main goal is to spend as much time as possible with my kids. I started working from home to ensure that. Another goal... to succeed with Mary Kay. I want to earn a career car within a year (so, by next April because that's when I signed up). I want to donate as much as possible, and save as much as possible with coupons. I just started offering couponing classes in my area. I really just want to focus on making my quality of life the best that I can. I want to enjoy every moment of it. I don't think that's too much to ask. :) What are your goals for 2011?



At May 27, 2011 at 10:13 AM , Blogger Megan said...

You, my dear, are very ambitious and sound very determined! Your goals are great! Keep us posted as to how you're doing :)


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