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randomosity: Day 3

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 3

I completed Day 3 of the SHRED.

The girls came in the living room (they were in the kitchen doing homework and watching me) and wanted to join me. So we worked out together. By the end of it, they disliked Jillian as much as I did.

I was sore when I woke up today. But it seems like it's not lasting quite as long. It seems like 40 minutes instead of like 2 hours like it did. Also it's nice because I kind of know what to expect next, so I get ready for it.

Also, turning up the music and muting Ms. Jillian helps a LOT.


In other news, Sapphire is learning shapes. We tried to do the letter of the week thing but we are all so ADD that it just didn't work. We kept getting off on tangents (letter of the week was "A" but the shape was "square" and then the vocab was "calf" and we were to learn about "cows" too.. we were going in too many directions). So we decided just to focus on shapes and letters, kind of all together. So as I type, Sapphire is tracing some rectangles with tea cup crayons, and Jenelle is helping Grace find the missing numbers on one of her worksheets.

Later, when the younger two go to bed,Jenelle and I will do real homework. Well, not "real", in the sense that it's for school. But real homework like I bought some books off ebay and am trying to get her ready for 3rd grade ASAP.

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At April 28, 2010 at 8:27 PM , Blogger Arya said...

Ya, I hate Jillian too but I don't work out to her - I watch her on biggest loser.

I am trying to get the homeschool stuff all organized and more's a bit more work but I can tell the kids are enjoying it more then when they were going to public school (at least this last school).


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