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randomosity: It's cram time. :/

Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's cram time. :/

Okay, so I've always done better under pressure. I admit it, I love to procrastinate. I love the rush of getting EVERYTHING done right before the deadline. :) I know that probably sounds horrible, seeing as I'm a MOM and I run a business, but so far it's worked well for me.

However, I now have 7 swaps to complete by April 9th - half of them by the end of the month, and half of the 7 swaps are in depth swaps. Like, one is a journal that I haven't even started on.. and one is a Book Log that I've half-assed for a few months. Eek. Now, I can make the Book Log perfect seeing as the books I read I really remember (which is rare), but it's going to take some time management on my part! I'm bad at that.

I got like 6 or 7 custom orders at the party last night, and promised them all within the week. One of them needs to be done tonight, as it's a rush order for "Spirit Day" on Tuesday! Again, I shall now say eek lol.

What else what else..... hmmm.

OH, I really loved making those crayons with the girls, so I bought some molds and some crayons. SOoooo this week will be spent making tutus and peeling crayons. I think I might use some child labor for that last one!

A friend needs me to make some soaps for her, too. Ummmmmmmm yeah. LOL I have a lot going on.

I still need to blog again tonight. An awesome blogger gave me an award and the thing that she said about me is SO true - she said I have my hand in so many cookie jars! LOL I do, I do. But I truly do function well this way! I promise.

I'm not having a meltdown.. just had to type out my little "to do" list. I will let you know when I get everything caught up. It will be soon, I'm sure. ;)


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