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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Check in with Weight Loss Bloggers

Today was supposed to be the last edition of Touring Tuesday, but my bedroom is a disaster (I have about 400 yards of tulle cut, and laying on the bed.. plus 3 boxes of bows and scarves randomly placed throughout)... so we are going to catch up with the weight loss bloggers.

Crystal from Bye Bye Fat pants needs some encouragement. :) Her weigh in on March 13th showed a .8lbs loss, but her post on Sunday shows she is still struggling. Struggling with things that all of us do from time to time. Ignoring and avoiding the scale, so you don't feel more depressed.. because if you feel more depressed, you will just eat. *Sigh* I feel ya, Crystal. Really, I do.

Krystal (with a K) from Family Treasures weighed in on Wednesday and this is what she said in her blog post:

My Previous Weight: Didnt know was just guessing Over 325 pounds

My Weight as of this morning: A depressing 344 (ouch!) This made me want to cry when I saw the actual number. I weighed myself on the clinic's scale when I took the little ones to their well child checks today.

Pounds lost: None!!

Pounds still to lose: 30 (short goal) on the path to a 100 lb goal.

We are here for you, Krystal! Can't wait to see that 30lbs come off!

And last but not least.. Arya is doing well on her journey, according to her most recent weigh in.
So here is my progress for the week:

Current Weight: 299.5 pounds

Weight loss: - 2 pounds

Total Weight loss: 5.5 pounds

Weight still to lose: 65.5 pounds to go

Congrats, Arya!

Please visit Crystal's, Krystal's, and Arya's pages to give them some encouragement.

As for me, I've lost 3 pounds according to the bathroom scale and gained 2 pounds according to the wii. I have no clue how that can happen. The wii said to weigh in at the same time every day. I think the first time I picked that I had heavy clothes and the second time I picked "other" which put my clothes at 0lbs. So I am going to stick with the "heavy clothes" option since I wear the same thing every time. That will keep my weight loss accurate, at least.

On a side note, it was funny when Jenelle stepped on the wii yesterday. My mom had used her profile the one time she came over to try it out, so she put in that she weighed like 270lbs. Jenelle got on it, and it told her she lost 210lbs! hahaha The wii was freaking out. It was cute. :)

Next Tuesday will be the final edition of Touring Tuesdays... my bedroom.. wee!!!

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At March 23, 2010 at 6:17 PM , Blogger Tree Huggin Momma said...

Sadie another good rule of weight loss is to use only one scale. So if you use the Wii then use only the Wii, and not back and forth with the Bathroom scale.

At March 23, 2010 at 7:31 PM , Blogger Meg said...

The Wii scale has never been accurate for me. I'd use it for the age, but stick with my bathroom scale for my weigh-ins.

It is a fun way to get yourself moving though!

At March 24, 2010 at 7:26 PM , Blogger KryssiRuss said...

Sadie I just posted week 4 results and my own scale differences. LOL you'll get a kick out of it I sure did.


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