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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Saving money!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! I know I sure did. I needed those 3 days to rejuvenate. I caught some awesome sales this week. What about you?

I've been on a couponing high for about two weeks straight now and just wanted to share! :) I am currently teaching couponing classes at my home, and in the very near future, I will be teaching free (basic) couponing classes at local libraries. I never imagined that clipping a few coupons would take me this far, but it has been a fun trip and I'm sure there is more to come.

Degree - $.25! :) Icy Hot & BC free after RR. REACH Floss - $.12 money maker. Banana Boat was under $1 a piece.

Not the healthiest but for a party... $.78 pizzas, $.50 hot dogs.

About $1.50 a box. Buying some more today for $.88 a box!

The slushies were a filler item because I had too many coupons at WG with the BC & Icy Hot. Icy Hot was a $.99 money maker. Bandages were not on sale, don't know why I threw them in there. Aloe was less than $1 a piece.

Got these for $1.10 each! ^^

$1.60 money maker (5 floss). Free hair ties at WG with RR.

These were only $1 instead of $3 with my price matching magic. :)

If you are visiting my page for the first time and are looking for the couponing classes, here they are! These were never really meant to be "classes", I just ramble about stuff a lot and at that time it was coupons. There are many, many wonderful sites that will teach you about couponing. I think the best way to learn is in person. So if you have the chance to take a local couponing class, or even to get a couponing DVD, you will learn so much faster! It is definitely worth the investment.

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